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If you believe you have a claim in the Breitling Receivership, and you have not received Notice of the Plan of Distribution via USPS, please email your current mailing address to

General Information

Who Is The Receiver?

Thomas L. Taylor III has been appointed Receiver and has been directed by the Court to control and preserve the applicable assets. All directions will come through him or his agents.

What Is The Receivership Process?

The Receiver is systematically obtaining control over the Receivership Estate assets and records. The Receiver is taking control of assets and records by: 1) placing affected persons and entities on notice of the Court Orders, and 2) physically securing files wherever they are located.  Receiverships generally involve putting people and procedures into place to preserve assets and to analyze the claims against the assets. After completing that, the Receiver would file a motion with the court of a recommendation for treatment of the assets and claimants. The proposal would generally be made available to all affected persons, who would be given an opportunity to object. Any objections would be determined by the Court.

Finally, the Court will determine the manner in which the Estate assets and each claimant will be treated  after reviewing the Receiver’s recommendations and any objections to them.  Generally, we anticipate that the Breitling Receivership will proceed along these lines.  Reports will be filed with the Court periodically and major reports will be posted on this website.

Contacting The Receivership Estate

The Receivership Estate may be contacted in writing. Emails may be sent to:   Although inquiries directed to this email address are regularly reviewed, the Receiver may not be able to respond to all individual inquiries.  Common areas of inquiry will be addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of this website.  This website will be the primary method of communicating with investors and the public.  We encourage interested persons to check the website frequently because it is revised as new information is obtained.